06 June 2008

shopping, my silver lining

It is raining and cloudy here today. Amazing how those gray clouds can gray my attitude. I just want to be in bed with the pups. To do nothing. Take a nap.

What I need is a cup of coffee to jump start me. However, that would mean walking across the street to obtain the life breathing liquid and in the rain that is so not going to happen today. Instead I consumed three lovely cookies. I happily ate all three with the belief that combined they have as many calories as my cup of black coffee.

Yesterday I knocked off a bit early and went shopping. Found bargains. There is no better way to get my blood pumping than to dangle 75% off in front of me. So in weather consisting of a heat index of 100 degrees complete with work clothing on, including high heels, I walked the fabulous miles of entertainment know as the outlet.

Because my feet were screaming, I had to stick to only necessities - underthings, purses, and clothing - turning my back on all varieties of housewares that sing to my soul. I still feel rather victorious as I got knickers priced practically free and a great name purse and wallet (each at 80% off).

I am ruined for life. This town is a cornucopia of shopping delights.

What is your guilty pleasure silver lining?

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