25 June 2008

Work and Play

Work has been so incredibly draining. It feels like I never leave this place. I constantly remind myself that this is what it takes to make it to the next level - that I have busted my bum and deserve this opportunity - but it does come with a price. I have to earn it. Plain. And. Simple. But that will not stop me from complaining!

So pulling my hair out at work is directly proportional to less writing opportunities. I have all these wonderful thoughts in my head that want to be formulated onto the screen.

In other snappy funness, I am so looking forward to this weekend! It is Edina's birthday and a gaggle of us girls are going away for the weekend. Sun, Fun, and Vodka! Not in that particular order... will more likely resemble Vodka! Vodka! Fun! Vodka! Sun! Vodka! Vodka! VodkA! Fun! Vodka!

The pups are even getting their own little private holiday too. Booked them at a doggie day care hotel for the weekend. They have been absolute troopers with the move to The Capitol of Bugs, so I am treating them too.

I can't stand the wait for Friday. Of course, there will be obsessive FURminatoring until then!


kimba said...

Would a furminator be appropriate for my little shedding man? His coat is thin anyways - but he is constantly constantly leaving webby films of hair on EVERYTHING he sits on..

Enjoy your mini-break lovey.. xx

Fiona said...

Fun at the weekend.....you go girl :)

patsy said...

Kimba ~ Definitely for Tazzie. My ghound has very thin and very little hair. I only tried it on her because she was jealous of the doxie. And guess what? It worked beautifully on her! I actually got more undercoat hair out of the g than the doxie!

Fi ~ thank you!