19 June 2008

Awaiting Delivery

Hair is obviously at the forefront of my mind right now because I am so blooming excited to receive this little gadget in the post!

ESC brought this potentially life saving item to my attention in this post. If it works on Sadie, enough said.

It shipped last night and is scheduled to arrive on 6/25. How ever shall I make to Wednesday?! I truly hope this helps my chubby little dox and her fur problem. You see, as she is a wire-haired dox, her wire fur necessitates a clipping by a professional with an industrial clipper. This often leads to really bad haircuts for the poor thing. Hair cuts so terrible in fact that she honestly does hide for several days afterward because she knows she was butchered. I can no longer live with a doxie - already close to the ground - dragging her belly on the floor wishing to hell that she could disappear into the tile after mommy dearest takes her to "the spa."

But never fear, after her first and last $45 Texas-style butchering, I happily ponied up the 30 bucks to try this device. I mean, honestly, it could not get any worse. Fingers crossed/holding thumbs!


Fiona said...

OMG yes - they are awesome - check this out!


patsy said...

Fi! thanks to you now I am even more excited!! hopefully it will be here well before wednesday!!