10 June 2008

Living in Oblivion

The bulk of the time, I tend to be fairly oblivious to men checking me out or coming on to me. My spidey sense in that particular arena is a little off. I only pick up on it if a man is very straightforward and very clear. Subtlety - not so much.

Case in point, The Southern Gentleman. Now here is a man who has been subtle over the past 100 years we've known each other. What man subjects himself to aerobics class two nights a week with me? Ensured we had dinner together one night a week? Took projects in my home city whenever the opportunity presented itself? Always called. Drunk dialed even. Yes, that would be my beloved. He did all these wonderful things over the years and only in the past few months did the light bulb come on in my little head that clearly boomed "dummy, any man who, by his own suggestion, willingly goes to aerobics class with you must really dig you!" Yes, it took me seven years to figure that one out.

So now you comprehend the level of Patsy is completely oblivious where male subtlety is concerned. Which leads me to today. My coworker has a crush on me. Again, I was utterly oblivious until another female coworker pointed it out and even then it took months for me to actually notice her observation was correct. A few months ago, coworker and I went out to dinner - which is totally usual for my workplace - and he insisted on paying for everything. Then was further insistent we go downtown for cocktails. Again he was adamant that he pay for everything. No bells going off inside my dimly lit brain cavity as laughing and joking over the drinks are the norm. Luckily there was a band playing loudly. There was a band groupie chick flirting mightily with a man next to us. I make some comment about it. Coworker says something and then starts to direct a comment at me but stops. He did not have to get two words into the sentence when the alarm finally went off - he was going to tell me that he digs me. Music, bartenders and him deciding that it would be TMI saved the night.

Coworker is in town this week. This morning he suggested we meet for dinner. I am ensuring boundaries are in place and already set that stage by stating I only had time for dinner, no late nights.

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Whiskeymarie said...

I have the same situation with a co-worker right now. I just realized it a week or so ago. Duh.
But I think/hope it will pass.