08 June 2008

weekend wrap-up

I have done more yard work here than I have done in my entire lifetime. I am no gardener. I do not enjoy it. So far my only success has been getting bitten by the plethora of insects dwelling here. I am so over the bugs.

This was not a lazy sleep in weekend. Nope, I had my arse up each morning. Saturday morning it was up and moving to go on a massive walk. Yes, got my bum up to walk it off. I am so ready for the last remnants of fat that love my ass to be gone - bum fat, you are banished I say!

For walking a million miles, I was rewarded with a phone call from The Southern Gentleman. Oh happy day! How I do love hearing his voice... We caught up about his last business adventure in Sin City. He still has our holiday together on his radar for him to plan. I continued to throw major hints whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Did not expect to go out last night; however, in Austin things happen and I ended up out and about on the town last night. Had fun doing a bit of barhopping.

Sunday was filled with getting up to get the dogs' shot in the grocery store parking lot. A fabulous seafood lunch followed by shopping. Oh my shopping here is pure evil. Plus my taste has knocked it up a notch. So even though most of my purchases are practically free, I have upped the ante a bit. Oh well, in this place at least I can wear it and enjoy it.

However, there have been naps involved. Naps are so good. In fact I am ready for yet another...

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