18 June 2008

It has been a quiet few days here at the ranch. No scantily clad adventures to report. Having returned to the blazing oven set on broil - otherwise known as Texas - my body is re-acclimating from my brief stint in the cool mountain air.

My hair is experiencing the toughest adjustment. Away from the dry air and plunged deep into humidity. You see, I am blessed with a thicket of naturally curly hair. Not the nice, cutesy curls or waves - no, I have the naturally curly hair that borders on afro on most occasions. Amen for the straightening iron ! It has added years to my life.

But even the straightening iron cannot assist me to win the battle completely. The humidity here is just too much. So even though I can get my hair straight and looking good before I leave for the office, once I open the garage door to depart my temperature controlled cocoon, it is over. The humidity pounces and the afro rears its ugly head on what - just moments ago - was straight hair.

Monday was dismal - I wanted to cry getting off the elevator - yes, I looked like a poodle walking on two legs. Obviously the extremes between Mile High air and Austin sauna caused my hair to go into extreme poodle shock. Yesterday was a tad better, or at least I rationalized that it was. Today my hair follicles are only in mild revolt against the straightening work I did this morning.

Of course, I have to leave the stability of my office in a little while, which means I am thrust back into the moist air that wrecks havoc on my tresses. Oh perfect hair product that makes this poodle-licious problem disappear - oh where, oh where are you?!?!


Fiona said...

I can so relate to this! I grew up (in a very high humidity place) with hair like that, and my sister had and still has, poker-straight hair. Neither of us had what we wanted - I'd spend hours trying to control mine, she'd be burning curls into hers.

My curls seemed to relax when I hit my mid-40s and now, I'm just grateful for SOME hair on my head (oh how those thick luscious tresses have fallen out over the past eight years!!) and the curls-turned-to-waves are a boon to imitating more hair than there really is up there on top!!

patsy said...

Amen, my curly girl sister. You understand my pain!

Whiskeymarie said...

I have what I like to call "surly" hair- kind of really curly, kind of really straight. Humidity does not help. This is why you will rarely see me with my hair down all. freaking. summer.
I hate humidity.