13 June 2008

amuck, amuck, amuck

so last night was one of cheap rum drinking that led to severe intoxication.

oh my!!

so much so that i ended up with a very, very vague memory of running to the car dressed only in my thong looking for god-knows what. only catch is that my scantily clad adventure down the drive way was spotted by my neighbors. keep in mind that for most of today, i thought naked at the car was a dream. found out it was reality when my neighbors brought up seeing my naked body at dinner. desire to die much?

worst part is when asked the ways of how the great streaking even occurred, i did not have an answer - that part of memory is too too fuzzy.

however, it did spark the great-get-into-the-hot-tub-naked-night at my neighbors'.

a weird night to complete a weird day. today was my appointment with the medium. weird day indeed. i think it will take me a bit of time to process the medium's words. but much like palm woman's words - it is The Southern Gentleman and I - - 2 to 3 children - - I move to be with The Southern Gentleman and lots of goodness is coming....

while i want it now - 2009 is the big year. so only 6 more months of my constant complaining!!!

drunk girl - out! xoxo


Whiskeymarie said...

My neighbors must NEVER see me naked. Drunk, fine. (Pretty sure that one is a given)
So debaucherous.

Renaissance Woman said...

LOL!!! So funny. I am going to ask my neighbors if that is something that would like to see!

patsy said...

wm - never say never :)

rena - i'm sure you'd be quite a hit too!

I still cannot believe my neighbs were out and about in my hood of the dead at midnight!