01 June 2008

dream a little dream

Friday night has now turned into Saturday morning. 1:30 AM. I should be asleep. I should call him and tell him. Everything. There are many shoulds looming. But none of those matter right now. Because right now I am truly blissfully happy. Every inch. Every cell. Every molecule. Every atom. Pure. Complete. Total happiness.

Happiness is not a mask that I don when out in the world. No. It is deep within me and radiates at all times. I can feel it in my heart. It is palpable. It is alive.

My life is nothing short of amazing. Dreams do come true. And I now realize those dreams have to come true so that I can dream bigger dreams that will one day soon come true as well. The flower continues blooming.

Tonight I realized one of my long held dreams. Last week in Cali I touched several dreams. I smelled roses. Felt the surf on my toes. My dreams. They are all coming true. And for that I am beyond thankful and grateful.

I am one lucky girl.

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