11 June 2008


I feel overwhelmed... wishing that there were at least two of me. Fiona's post keeps whirling round in my mind... as I am identifying with it to the nth degree.

Too much to do. Not enough time. Yada, yada, yada. As a chick who thrives on stress, even now I have finally found my limits. Limits I never thought I had. Never knew I had. Finding myself dreaming of the day when I no longer have to do this. When I can be working side-by-side with The Southern Gentleman.

Reason #342 that I cannot wait for The Southern Gentleman to take the leap to the next level. now.

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Fiona said...

Patsy - oh yeah! I've been a stress-thriver and coper for so long. And I too just long for a simpler life - and yes, a life with the companionship we so crave. I hope you get yours soon hon :)