04 July 2008

friday night

Last night after work, I met Edina downtown. We muscled our way through a sea of people at a grand opening event seeking an alcoholic beverage to quench our thirst. Clicking our martini glasses, we tried our new concoctions - mine lavender and Eddie's green tea. The cocktail was just ok and the trendy youngens had become a bit too pushy, so off we went to find adventure elsewhere.

We settled on the tapas place. Wine and tapas - what more could two fab girls ask for?! As the wine arrived, the catching up on the events since last week commenced. From my pre-lake house aggravation to Edina's latest text message, we covered the full gamete in the time it took both of us to leisurely consume two vino glasses.

Last night, I felt Edina was more open with me, more candid than she has been in the past year. Edina's candor eased my fears that she would distance herself from me. It made my heart sing as she is making a conscious effort to strengthen our bond before I leave.

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