13 July 2008

a problem solved

In March when The Southern Gentleman was here last, the big pup was being a little too friendly during our party - which translates into her trying to eat sandwiches off plates. My choices were to either stick her in the crate in the garage or to appear more human and tie her to her nighttime leash so she could lay on her bed like a good girl.

Which did I choose? The perceived more humane option - as I naively think the 6 year old hound will be just ducky on her princess bed for a few hours... after all she sleeps with her leash on every night for 8 hours. What is a few hours during the early evening?

She cried and cried like only her whiny bum could. Because she must be with the people! and the chow! At some point, I noticed the cries stopped and I decided to poke my head in on the animal. Everyone in the dining room only heard "oh shit!" reverberated throughout the house.

The damn dog ripped the bedspread off the bed and decided to rip it open. Stuffing everywhere! Ripped beyond repair! Blood stains from her gums on the fabric!

I have a minor melt down as the bedspread is part of my rental. I was beyond ready to kill dog but surprisingly I found myself relieved she did not eat the bed. Over the year and after all the shenanigans with this dog, I have learned to take things in stride by immediately figuring out how the situation could be drastically worse.

I have half heartedly been looking for a replacement bedspread but I haven't been willing to make a significant investment because after all this place probably won't be rented furnished after I leave. But today, I finally stumbled across a replacement bedspread. As I like to say - it was practically free!

On Garden Ridge's damaged aisle, there were a few bedspreads. There was one queen comforter set there... missing the three decorative pillows (who cares! rental)... as a result... originally $50 for $10... plus an additional 75% off!

For $2.50 [$2.71 with tax!], I officially have a new comforter for the rental! I just love a super bargain!

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