06 January 2013

crossing thank yous

Yesterday was all sorts of Southern Gentleman interaction.

First, I wrote my thank you card to him. After a few drafts and few conversations with my girls, I transformed my traditional Emily Post thank you to a more suggestive thank you. Upon completion, I promptly dropped it in the post box so there would be no turning back.

Mid-afternoon I received a text message from The Southern Gentleman. I was surprised and delighted. I quickly responded and he replied. Very exciting. The messages weren't steamy or thrilling; it is simply that he is maintaining contact.

In the evening, I went to the post box and there on top was a postcard. Clearly, The Southern Gentleman wasted no time in getting it in the mail. Here it is:

Pats, Thanks so much for the great time in CO. I needed a vacation and you made a fine host. I enjoyed the meals, tea tour, Django movie, and talks. I hope you had a great time too! That last meal with your neighbors was fun, but almost made me miss my flight!! It was also fun to visit so many [specific] stores and get your thoughts on some of the styles and pieces. One day my dream of a showroom will come true!! You take good care and I hope you have a wonderful new year. You are a true friend and I cherish our relationship. Take care and be safe.
- The Southern Gentleman  :)

I am highly amused that both of our final sentences contain the verb "cherish".

And there you have the latest.

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