18 January 2013

swimming against the abyss

Much to my surprise, The Southern Gentleman has been keeping in touch weekly via text message. While he has never really employed text messages in the past as he has always been a phone call guy, I think it is movement in the right direction.

Normally at this stage of post-trip, he would be completely, utterly silent. But The Southern Gentleman appears to have heard what I said, "you're the one who always goes into deep hiding after our encounters." I truly feel sending texts is his way of showing me that he is not disappearing into the abyss this time. Baby steps, kids, baby steps.

I continue repeating my mantra: patience. I am giving him his space to sort this all out, over-analyze every inch of our time together last month and over the past million years. I will not push him or bully him; I will continue encouraging him in small ways.

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