03 January 2013

weekend holiday recap part two

After an evening cocktail, we headed down south for dinner. Luckily the restaurant was quiet and we had a secluded booth to ourselves. The Southern Gentleman was delighted when I agreed to split a bottle of sake. He was adorable pouring our little glasses and rattling off various 'cheers' phrases in various Asian languages. Midway through dinner, His father called and The Southern Gentleman spoke to him briefly. Upon hanging up, I asked him if his father questioned him about coming out to see me. In true Southern Gentleman style, he answered that his father did indeed have questions about me but not as many as his good friend did. I didn't press the issue but thought that an interesting tidbit.

Dinner was amazing. We paid and left. Once we got home, he was lying on the couch and I went downstairs to find something on Netflix that we'd discussed at dinner. He was giggly and didn't want to come downstairs at first but then did. At some point he went upstairs, I had watched the part I was interested in due to The Southern Gentleman's story and proceeded upstairs. I didn't see him so assumed he was out having a cigarette. In my room, I am getting ready for bed and I notice the bed pillows are cockeyed. Thinking nothing of it, I continue undressing and then it dawns on me... he is hiding under the covers. I creep closer to the bed and like a little kid he has ruffled the bedspread and positioned the pillows to camouflage himself complete with a small mouth air hole. I laughed and poked at him. He whispered back "let me show you my moves" from his air hole. I climbed into bed next to him and he pulled me even closer. We both fell asleep. I was awoken from my dead sleep to him pawing at me and in the blink of my sleepy mind, he had both our underwear off and was trying to get the party started. Needless to say, his alcohol consumption made the situation pointless but he was certainly determined to try.

Saturday morning The Southern Gentleman declared he was hungover and swore there'd be little to no drinking today. We eventually headed down to the upscale shopping district, where we wandered in and out of shops. The ease of our relationship always amazes me, especially because we don't see each other on a regular basis.I was wearing a vintage coat with a mink trim collar and of course we had to walk in front of the animal rights activists. I was afraid my collar might be assaulted so The Southern Gentleman became my human shield. Of course, my human shield ends up speaking with the ringleader about a place for lunch; all the while I am hiding behind him and refusing to make eye contact with the activists. After lunch because it was getting cold, we went into the indoor mall and checked out a few shops. Heading home, we drove around an up and coming area of town to see if anything sounded good for dinner later.

At home, his back was hurting and so he was on the couch popping ibuprofen. The pain had started at lunch and he said he didn't know what would have caused it. I politely informed him that he was bucking around in bed last night "showing me in moves" and that was most likely the cause. He asked a few questions because he didn't really remember anything from the time we got home Friday night. I got him comfortable with the heating pad, fed him beer and let him rest. Dinner was a quiet affair with a quick trip to a sandwich shop. In bed that night, he kept himself in check as did I but throughout the night he would take my hand and hold it in his as we both slept.

Sunday morning was....

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