02 January 2013

weekend holiday recap part one

I need to document The Southern Gentleman's holiday. Especially as I have documented all of his trips with the exception of one in May 2010.

This holiday was a doozy. He was making some sort of almost daily effort to be in touch with me the weeks prior. Whether it was an email, text, or phone call, he made a very concerted effort.

I was a crazy woman getting the house and myself ready for his Thursday evening arrival. It would be the first time he was at the Colorado cottage as all previous visits were made to Texas. Around the time of his departure, I sent him a quick "on the plane?" text to which he replied with a phone call saying he had been upgraded to first.

The flight was about 30 minutes late but my timing to pick him up was excellent. There he was on the airport sidewalk looking as handsome as ever. He got in the car, gave me a big hug and small kiss on the cheek. From the moment I saw him, the rush of emotion was back as powerful as ever; as if it hadn't been 2.5 years since we last saw each other.

We headed back toward the cottage with plans to get The Southern Gentleman a late dinner. Juju came with me and she immediately planted herself in his lap falling promptly to sleep. My front headlight had just gone out before leaving to pick him up.

We stopped at Quaker Steak and Lube, where I had a few red wines and The Southern Gentleman enjoyed a few beers and a sandwich. Then we ventured home where he put his bags in the loft and we went on the grand tour. I had no idea he was fairly drunk at the time. The Southern Gentleman pulled a clear glass Christmas tree out of his bag. The glass was hollow and filled with chocolate candies and a small pouch. I took it and thanked him. Stupid me, I didn't really zero in on the pouch to which he told me to open it. Much to my surprise, there was a beautiful pair of silver earrings in the bag from one of my favorite jewelery designers. He has given me small inconsequential presents before, but never jewelry. We packed off to bed and as anticipated, The Southern Gentleman crawled into bed with me. As I was drifting off, I was surprisingly awakened by his hand gliding down my back making stops to caress my bum and thighs. In all these years, he has never attempted anything of the sort and honestly I was quite shocked. Some touchy feely ensued and then he abruptly stopped. I asked if I was the in-between girl to which he replied "I don't know what you are, Pats."

Friday morning I got up before him. I putzed around the kitchen making coffee, briefly checking in with my best girlfriends online. We got dressed and headed up to Boulder. First stop was Celestial Seasonings. On the ride, The Southern Gentleman was rather quiet. I prattled away as a good tour guide does. He thoroughly enjoyed the Celestial Seasonings tour as he said so numerous times. From there we went into Boulder proper strolling down Pearl Street until stumbling on a place for lunch. We enjoyed a few hours of going in and out of shops. At a few shops, he did not correct the sales staff if we were referred to as married.

Ran various errands on the route home. Stopped in at the liquor store to get some beer, into Walmart for much needed windshield fluid and various food items for his visit and a dinner he wanted to make on Sunday. He promptly filled the windshield fluid when we reached the car. Amen! The magnificence of seeing out the windshield! Then on to our final stop, the auto store to pick up a headlight. Since the auto store guy told us that we needed to remove the battery to replace the light, The Southern Gentleman was nervous and I was reduced to calling my dad to come lead the charge. However when my father arrived, The Southern Gentleman made sure he did most of the work. I think he just wanted the backup in case anything car wise went wrong. However, in replacing the burn out one, the other one went out so back to the shop we ran and he easily replaced the headlight in the parking lot.

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