20 August 2008

b and c

some days i simply shake my head and realize how boring my life was when i worked from home. during my work from home time, interaction with my work colleagues was limited to conference calls and messaging. there would be some trips to the client site if necessary but basically colleagues were merely voices in la la land somewhere.

fast forward to today. i am back in an office setting where people are real individuals with eyeballs and not just some mystery voice on the other end of the line. there is no mute button, let alone my favorite muted potty breaks. i do enjoy the office because it gives me a wonderful excuse to buy hordes of shoes and clothes.

but being a clothes horse comes with a price when working with a gaggle of dirty old men. for a glimmering moment one week a month, my push-up bra induced b's become actual c's. it is a cleavage moment i strive to thoroughly enjoy.

so i am wearing a cute empire waist dress that only fits best when the c's arrive. now keep in mind, the cleavage portion of the program is not over the top. they are definitely there but not not overflowing. One of the geezers (a quiet one who I have said hello to every day for months now without receiving a response) lumbered over to my cube, darting his eyes back and forth nervously, hesitantly stating, "Patsy, I don't mean to embarrass you but next time you are bending over at the receptionist's counter, don't bend over quite so far. There were too many men milling around the area." He was blushing. Obviously, he got an unintended eyeful, which really isn't much of an eyeful; however, I truly feel is a product of the fact I am the only woman here under the age of 100 and these geezers have long forgotten what boobies look like outside the confines of a gentleman's club. I graciously thanked him for the head's up and all the while he was blushing.

Goodness, if a spot of cleavage was the talk of the office, what would these old guys say if they knew what I wore when I worked from home! Some days I wish I could be a cockroach in the men's loo to hear what else the oldies say about me. But then again, ignorance is probably bliss.


The Coconut Diaries said...

Next time you should say, "What? This cleavage?" and give him your best Girls Gone Wild shirt-over-the-head mardi gras move.

Nevermind...his head might explode.

patsy said...

coco d ~ if i did that, his heart would seriously explode in his chest or he'd turn into a pillar of salt.

i'll show you the dress... you totally won't understand it either