19 August 2008


it is raining here. and rain puts a serious kibosh on my already lacking motivation.

while i am excited at the prospect of the lawn actually surviving the summer heat wave, i am significantly less thrilled with the oppressive humidity. we all know by now that humidity means i bitch about looking like i have poodle hair.

however to battle the poodle blues, i did make an appointment for a cut and highlight after i return from holiday next month. luckily i won't get chastised for my serious root situation along with it's pals the split ends. my drag queen hairdresser from heaven, how he works wonders!

tootles for now, my darlings!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The rain was kind of nice except it was followed my crushing humidity. Looks like TSG gave you a not-too bad response. Of course we want them all to say "No, darling, stay! I want you all to myself". But "have a good trip" is as close as boys get.