25 August 2008

pink and cuddly

Last night was a bit spooky. It is was night like any other... dinner, primarily girls - same old, same old, right.

The difference was that there was a relatively new little baby there. She was a day shy of being two months old. I have only known the mother as a pregnant woman, so finally the little girl arrived.

I don't know if it was being surrounded by massive quantities of estrogen plus my raging, seriously raging PMS, but I was totally enamored by that little girl. And for the very first time ever, I found myself... I found myself... *gulp* I found myself wanting one for a few fleeting moments.

Maybe I do have a biological clock of sorts after all. It was truly bizarre. I was entranced by that little twelve pound bundle and even had to go torture her once she awoke. Table full of women and I was the only one who was magnetized toward her. Yikes! What is happening to me?! Hopefully it was simply the perfect storm conditions of too many hormones. No matter what, it certainly scared the hell out me!


Anonymous said...

A few hours with my 10 yr old would quickly get rid of those feelings...

Renaissance Woman said...

I have been there and felt the same way. And that was a couple years ago...now I want my own baby. Thinking about starting that process...all by myself. GULP!

Rosemarie said...

Honestly - I feel this way whenever I'm around an infant!

But hey - I think I should focus on getting a boyfriend first! lOl

The Coconut Diaries said...

Your little doll would be the best-dress kid on the playground!

Whiskeymarie said...

I get those feelings every once in a while too.
But then I say things like i did the other day, and I realize that I was just sucked into the "baby/hormone vortex" and all is still right in my baby-free world:

When a friend asked me about another friend's newborn baby that I HAD seen and the other friend hadn't, I referred to it as "a bald lump of human stuff."

So there you go.