13 August 2008

breaking the news

I sucked it up today and shared the news of my upcoming holiday with The Southern Gentleman. Via email of course as he is on the other side of the moon this month. I kinda feel like Berger with his post-it note. kinda. Been debating how to do this properly because this is the exact holiday destination he and I were to go to this year. And now I am going with Edina and Magda. Not him. Unsure how the fragile male ego will receive this revelation.

I know The Southern Gentleman and I are not superglued, but still I feel badly for basically saying "I'm not waiting for you sucka." You see, last month he and I spoke and he specifically told me that when he returns from the other side of the moon at the end of August, he is forecasting about 6 weeks of negative cash flow. This screams to me in big, bold letters, 'girl, we are not going on holiday this fall.' So an alternative presented itself and I snatched it up. A fantastic alternative.

But still I hope The Southern Gentleman does not take this development the wrong way. I prefaced the revelation with the fact that I am thoroughly burnt out and desperately need a break and then proceeded to share that Edina and Magda invited me along. However, I did include that I was scouting the place out for us to return there too and I have many more vacation days left for the year too.

We will see how this news is received. I am hoping he understands and does not feel slighted. But we all know boyz are weird. So who really knows. Only time will tell as I already pushed the send button.

I do need this break so badly and that's no lie. I have been working like a hamster madly running the wheel for days on end for a year and half now. This holiday is long overdue. I need to get my mojo back, my wanderlust must be satisfied like a vampire requiring fresh blood to survive. Without a doubt, travel abroad always recharges me. Something about uncharted territory and a language barrier makes me thrive.

Each day now I think about where I will be a month from today... strolling the streets of a new city, speaking bad espanol, drinking wine in lieu of water at all times, and eating steaks, steaks, steaks. Those poor chick-fil-a cows will be very disappointed in me.

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