08 August 2008

timer in my head

I definitely require a sprinkler system that is not named Patsy.

I put the water on the lawn before the big pup and I went on our walk. As we were walking at lightening fast speeds and finished our route in record time, I planned to only leave the water on for another 10 minutes. The damn grass would receive its 30 minutes of watery goodness since it is over 100 degrees here daily and I typically forget to water.

Cue bed time. Mid-meditation I get struck by the grand realization that the water is still on the lawn! Two hours the front yard was watered! Crikey!

Sad part of this is that the lawn still looks like it is ready to die! Thank you, Mr. Sun for burning ever so brightly every single solitary day! This had better not come out of my damage deposit!

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