14 August 2008

the response

I am mixed on how to perceive/interpret The Southern Gentleman's email regarding my upcoming holiday announcement.

Below is his response... the entire email - as if to be only one brief sentence.

buena suerte a tu viaje!

caballero del sur


Renaissance Woman said...

I'm not sure what it means...but can't wait to find out.

Fiona said...

huh? that was it? the equivalent of 'bon voyage'? *scratching my head*....that to me sounds like he's miffed. What do YOU make of it Patsy?

patsy said...

i was pretty dishearted to see one lousy little sentence merely stating 'good luck on your trip'.

he is upset because i have never received a one liner like that in 8 years!

i'm sorry though, i cannot sit around here waiting for him. i have my life too.