06 November 2008

scents that linger

i just went downstairs to get a quick cup of coffee. my daily mid-morning turbo boost.

as the elevator doors opened, a man walked off leaving a trail of cologne. ahh, how a man in cologne can perk my dulled morning senses. he wasn't cute. but the cologne definitely woke me up. this man wore the scent i associate with montana man. the cologne remained for my ride up the tower.

speaking of men, the girls came over and we played mahjohngg. it was the first time i played and man, could it be addicting! i loved it. edina was filling me in on what i missed after i left on tuesday evening. she made me laugh because she described the man that was enamoured with me that night as "patsy's future boyfriend." i had to giggle. that descriptor made the rest of the girls' ears perk up, which turned my giggle into a laugh. needless to say, they immediately went to work on figuring out how find out more information about this man with the little information we already had. gotta love my girls!

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