15 November 2008

you get to play dr. laura, part I

Today and tomorrow, I am sharing a few email exchanges between me and The Southern Gentleman. These were from October.

Why am I sharing? So you can tell me what you think. Not so much about him, but how you feel about my responses. Honesty, kids - that's all I am asking from you.


The Southern Gentleman wrote:

please let me know the pills you started taking. i am usually really happy and excited everyday, but this week has been trying. worried about the economy and went to a trade show in NC City the last 2 days. everybody says it is real slow just like i heard in NY ten days back. ugh. just gotta keep plugging along. My biz did score several new items. i love NC City. that was the best part, the drive up in autumn. i think i should have stayed as it appears to be a very busy two days back here and then a trip to my parent's sunday through tuesday. sleep has been minimal too the past 4-5 days. i need to crash out for awhile too. bye, TSG

My response:

My magic cure was that I switched to a new multivitamin and reminded myself that I enjoy my steady paycheck. However, when bestest gay pal ever was here, I did realize that I am underpaid. significantly underpaid.

I've never been to NC City but you always speak so highly of it that one day I will have to find my way there. In terms of your biz though, maybe part of this is simply the lull before holiday shopping commences. Chin up, as I would assume your patrons tend to be those who are insulated from this economy stuff, right?

Austin seems to be somewhat shielded from the rest of the country and I barely watch telly, so my feathers don't get as ruffled about the economy. Of course a lot of that has to do with the fact that I am staring down 34 and pondering what the hell I am doing with my life. I have a good job, a roof over my head, in decent shape, cute, and have a brain to boot... what more could one ask for, right? Another year is drawing to a close and I continue to live the Company way - (removed). No one has asked me on a date in almost a year. The dirty old guys at work don't count; if anything, they make me feel worse. Edina and Magda had men falling at their feet in BsAs, while I was always odd man out. Where did I miss the dock to board the love boat? However, maybe I haven't reached the dock yet. Selfish introspection can quickly squelch anything the economy can throw around. Money can buy a lot of things (you have seen how many pairs of shoes I own!), but like the song says money can't buy me love.

Talk to me about this specific new item! What other goodies do you have squirreled away in your safe? Get some rest, even with the aid of Tylenol PM for desperate measures. It is tough always being on the go. At least the weekend is almost here. xoxo

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The Coconut Diaries said...

I don't think I have a specific response to your email to him. You didn't really give him anything to respond to in terms of offering advice. You guys have known each other a long time so I wouldn't consider it oversharing or anything. Maybe hints for him to say sweet, encouraging things with a "hang in there, kid" kind of vibe.