16 November 2008

you get to play dr. laura, part II

The Southern Gentleman wrote:

yep. be happy about the green you make. the next 15 months for my biz is going to be tough, but i will survive and then move to retail before 2010.

i do have sleep pills and used one last night. that was great sleeping 10 hours.

don't fret about men. be careful what you wish for..........you ladies are just as tough to figure out. i am excited to go to a halloween party tomorrow night!!! that is going to be a good time for sure!

be safe this weekend. bye, TSG

I responded with:

So what are you going to be for Halloween? You know have to be dressed up for the party! Tomorrow is going to be yet another crazy day/night out here as it is the annual Hill Country Wine Tour. We will be on a bus from 10 AM to 8 PM, drinking mimosas on the bus and then going to several wineries. Afterwards a few of us girls have a Halloween party to go to as well. I plan on seriously pacing myself, so I can make it to the party. I have no costume but am sure I will be divinely inspired by tomorrow night.

It isn't really fretting about men. It is simply that I am ready for the next phase of my life to begin. Something with more substance. To truly build a life with someone. And even though I love it here in Austin, I know it is not here. Nor is it in CO. I wish for it every day and I will be very thankful when the timing is finally right.

Here is the link to my trip photos -->

Beware... I was channeling my inner Japanese tourist and took millions of photos! Of course my favorites are of the cemetery and food!

Meeting some of the girls after work for happy hour! Must pickle my liver!! Have fun this weekend!! xoxo

Then The Southern Gentleman sent:

wow! nice pix through just the first two pages............i will keep looking for sure. makes me want to travel, but all focus is on work and no play these days.
you have a safe and great weekend too.

bye, TSG


kimba said...

wow.. the king of non-committal..

it's like somebody got a pet elephant for thanksgiving and it's being ignored.. no-one is going to mention.. "oh? a pet elephant..? what an unusual gift.."

move on pats.
move on.

The Coconut Diaries said...

He certainly does not pick up on the little flotation devices you put out there. Sounds like you gotta be up front with this one. You may just have to jump on his lap, sexiness a blazin', and just tell the boy what you want.