14 November 2008

weekend ramp up

I am elated that it is finally Friday. The week o' hell is nearing an end. Of course, we both know that on Monday week o' hell: back with a vengeance will rear its head. But for the time being, let's toss that little snippet of reality aside.

Ah... a week of having the ass grabber sit in the adjoining cube. What a delight! At least there has only been minimal undressing me with his eyes. He is busy trying to dazzle our new admin. However, she is not any sort of hottie or young, dumb thing. As the world turns here.

May make a run down to Houston this weekend for a bit of unnecessary shopping. Like I need more costume jewelry, but I won't be here forever. Hence the rationalizing and justifying has already taken over.

*Clunk* *Thunk* ... oops, there is that pesky glass ceiling again... been hitting my head all week...

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