04 November 2008

voids, they're what's for dinner

This past weekend Cherry and I did a bit of shopping. During our spending o' the green, we spoke a lot of our recent gripes and rants. The more Cherry and I talk, the more it becomes glaringly apparent that we lead the same life. The journey of the ex-husbands alone proved that we are one-in-the-same.

Cherry's primary rant was that while Austin is one of the best places in the country to be single, that doesn't necessarily mean that men are just waiting to get hooked by a woman's lure and drug off to white picket fence, happily ever after land. And she is so right. My last date was in January. We're talking January, people! Almost a year! And - for the record - I do not sit at home singing hymns waiting for Prince Charming to beam down to my door step.

Friends. My friends are hands down the best, most wonderful here. Absolutely. But Cherry and I both agree that sadly it's not enough. With a whole, full, magically wonderful life, there still resides a void.

The void tends to become glaringly apparent during the month of November. While I truly love being blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people who love me, the speck of the void grows just enough to be constantly palpable. The taste reminds me of my loneliness. Falling asleep at night with only a ball of fur. Not having someone to kiss me good morning on my birthday and say that he is very happy that I was born.

While everything, for the most part, is perfect out here, the void continues to enjoy its hold on me for yet another birthday.

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