05 November 2008

tuesday night fun and games

last night, i met edina at a roof top happy hour. at said happy hour, i was approached by a man who was on the same wine tour with us a few weeks ago. the power of wine and a calvin klein dress equated to him hitting on me!

it was quite exciting. at first i though it was purely the fact that edina and i were the only familiar faces in the vicinity. however, it was when he waited in line with me for a glass of vino that i realized he might actually be a bit interested in me. when we finally reached the bar, they were out of wine glasses. we hovered around the bar await the glasses arrival. the beauty of the situation was that when the glasses appeared, he immediately inquired as to which variety i wanted and he got my glass of wine for me. now attentiveness goes a long way with this girl.

edina was taking this all in. she made sure to invite him to my birthday celebration this weekend. he appeared to be committing it to memory, but honestly i am simply happy for the few moments of attention i received last night.

i had to leave early to go to my reiki session. edina urged me to cancel due to male prospects, but i simply couldn't. i come first.

my reiki session was absolutely amazing. it took me awhile to get grounded in my body again, but i feel so much lighter. i am definitely happy with the choice i made last night.

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The Coconut Diaries said...

"...but I come first". This is why I love you!