12 November 2008

turn of events

coming down off a caffeine high is never fun. and the resulting headache. that is the part i despise most. ugh.

however, in the continuing saga of The Southern Gentleman, he has sent me emails on both monday and tuesday. normally, i'd be floating around on cloud nine but the loyal old dog has her cynical glasses firmly affixed to her nose.

monday's email tread lightly. tuesday's email had a bit more punch. you see in tuesday's note, The Southern Gentleman has me back on his radar screen and wants for us to rendezvous before year end. in the immortal words of Shelly, the gal from saturday must have been pretty damn bad on more than one front.

i'm not jumping through hoops to reply though. old faithful needs a few more days to stew, nor do i want to make him believe this behavior is okay as to have him repeat it in the future.

realizing the parallel between his behavior and Montana Man's has made my heart sick. plain and simple.

1 comment:

Renaissance Woman said...

It sucks that you have to try and figure out what to do or not...you don't deserve to be "second choice" at all. You deserve to be first and shame on both of these guys for not realizing that they are lucky to have you as a first choice! Hang in there.