23 November 2008

to grinch or not to grinch...

I don't get into the whole Christmas thing. Yes, I am a grinch at heart. I say bah humbug.

But since The Southern Gentleman is coming at Christmas time, do I need to pretend that I like Christmas? Do I need to put up the little artificial tree my landlord left behind in the garage?

Do I show my true grinchness? or do I sugar coat and tolerate a bit of Christmas cheer?

I decorate the every inch of the house and yard for Halloween, Easter, St. Patrick's Day. But I lack zeal for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Maybe because these two major holidays were always surrounded and continue to be surrounded by family drama that I shy away from them?

Is it too much information for him to know how I currently feel about these two holidays?

I don't know if The Southern Gentleman is a fellow grinch or a Clark W. Griswald.

And then, do I have to get him any little presents?! Gah!

Or maybe I simply shouldn't be thinking this deep about the whole thing.

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The Coconut Diaries said...

Since he is coming the day after Xmas, you can just tell him you took all the decor down! How do you feel about New Year's? Maybe you can put up festive, sexy pre-New Year's decor instead.