27 November 2007

caught off guard

yesterday was a weird one. monday... a monday i am not sure to forget simply because of my being utterly and completely caught off guard.

cue a ping by montana man. conversation develops as i am not leaving town until the evening, whereas, he'd thought i was already gone. i sarcastically apologize for an innocent statement. the zinger hits ~ "i'll have to come over and spank you good" says montana man.

excuse me? i do not play along. he is dating someone else. i am done with him. he does not give up. he keeps sexually slated speak going. as if to tell me he is hard sitting there at his cubicle. he wants us to have sex "for closure." i keep typing no. i use his words against him ~ "you're a taken man" "this is called cheating" "you were upset when you found out your ex had cheated on you when you were married" "no"

montana man had this perfectly reasoned in his head. to him, this proposition would not be cheating. he would not tell her anything. it was only about us. he did not see anything wrong with the fact that he is dating another woman but is hard at his desk thinking about me.

something is rotten in the state of his current relationship.

i finally conceded but not for the reasons you may think. there is an outstanding loan for a considerable amount of cash. he has dodged signing the promissory note for some time now. i conceded knowing he'd be in my home and i'd finally be able to get the piece of paper signed.

some days, a gyrl has to do what a gyrl has to do. yesterday was one of those days. i got that piece of paper signed with more ease that i thought possible.

funny thing was that after we had sex, he did not leave. he stayed and talked for like two hours. i think he missed more than our intense physical connection, he misses our conversations too.

my observations about his new sex life: lacking oral, roll your eyes orgasms, lights are never on. he was eating up the oral portion of the program, even more so than usual. he was not displaying the level of control that he once commanded. his eyes were trained on mine the entire time. he did not blink, he did not look around, his eyes were locked on my eyes the entire time and then some. it was rather unnerving. he talked about the tingle in his toes that he had forgotten about.

this was not like our past fcuk buddy encounters of long ago. this was on par with our fresh days of new relationship sex. it was weird. there were his passionate kisses the nanosecond he entered the door. savoring and caressing my body as clothing slowly came off. he held me long and tight post-coitus. all these things tell me something is not right with his current relationship.

but i do not want to venture down relationship road with montana man again. the mid-morning rendezvous was exactly that - a mid-morning rendezvous where i got a completed legal document with the much needed signature.

i was shocked that after all his expounding of happiness that montana man came looking for sex. i never anticipated this happening. after a break up ~ yes. not during a relationship though.

i am sure there was some or all sorts of motivation, games running though his mind, fueling this entire encounter. i have no time to dissect it nor do i care. i am merely keeping a record to file under wacky things that only happen to me.

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