20 November 2007

A Chilly Tuesday

The snow. It. is. coming.

I am bundled up in preparation. My blood has already thinned from my time in the Lone Star state because I have never ever worn a jacket inside all day. And the temperature is only going to d.e.c.r.e.a.s.e. yuck

I had day two with the dentisto. Of course, the first super mega shot of Novocaine does relatively nothing to induce numbness. A second super mega shot was had and only then did twilight numbness ensue. It took longer to get numb than it did for dentisto to drill the little dots.

Tonight I am going to happy hour with my neighbs and her daughter. We are an episode of Absoultely Fabulous. It should be fun sans the frigid arctic tundra!

Hopefully something a little sassy and spicy will happen at happy hour tonight, which will make for a good story. Am definitely going to go upstairs and find some sort of juicy cleavage exposing top... make those boobies work for me!

It's funny but just being home has made me want to do nothing but turn my brain off, do chores and chill....

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