29 November 2007

Closing NaBloPoMo with a Bang

I should have said something last night when he grabbed my ass. But I was mortified. The world slowed and time stopped. The only thought circling in my little pea brain was "did he really just do that".

I had never thought in a million years a manager would do that, any employee at all for that matter. never. ever.

I am immune to the old men talking shit about me. Talk is exactly that ~ talk. But laying a hand on me is another situation entirely.

Of course, he is everywhere I am today. I am not my usual friendly self toward him. He thinks he is a ladies man.

Now I do not prance around the office in short skirts or low cut tops. I dress professionally and try to look good for myself every day. I do not flirt or encourage any level of inappropriate behavior. I work with a bunch of old men, whom I used to see as harmless. I do not look at them like that anymore.

I am not some beautiful supermodel kind of gorgeous. I am pretty, take decent care of myself. I did not deserve to have that manager violate me. The shock is gone, leaving me with anger. It must be visible because a co-worker mentioned that I look haggard and frazzled.


1 comment:

ke said...

That is absolutely disgusting I can't believe he would think that would ever be okay.

Have you said anything yet? Are you going to tell anyone?