09 November 2007

Post-Birthday Evening Stories

First of all, at the Mile High mailbox, there was a mailed birthday card waiting for me from none other than The Southern Gentleman. No phone call but I will take snail any day from that sexy hunk o' burnin' love man. Needless to say, that card has been mailed on to me here because I have no patience.

On to last night. Wow!

This turning 33 ~ in SxSWland ~ certainly something else. something. else. indeed.

Parking was horrendous last night. Nightmare to the Nth degree. Martinis and manicures was fun. Not much of a manicure but for five bucks my nails will look pretty for a bit. Afterwards we went out for one last cocktail. Some dude, hence forth known as Ol' Scuba Boy, came up to us, and asked us to join him and his friends. There was nothing scrumptious in the vicinity, so we joined them.

We went to this club... err... lounge as they called it with a fucking aquarium in the floor. The floor aquarium contained various sharks and stingrays. A pretty cool concept. We had some yummy cocktails. The boys we'd joined were fairly useless. Oh well. We were getting ready to leave and Ol' Scuba Boy was back on us because his chatting up of bedazzler blond girl was done.

This is where things got interesting, if you could call it interesting. Ol' Scuba Boy was very drunk and very horney. Since it was my birthday, I was his chosen target because after all according to Ol' Scuba Boy's logic the birthday girl needed him to go down on her. Yeah. Right.

Ol' Scuba Boy was quite persistent. Very persistent in fact. The birthday girl did not oblige him though. I wasn't up for that. However, the entire situation was quite entertaining and made for a memorable evening.

What a way to kick off birthday weekend!!

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