24 November 2007

The Phone Call

"So yes, The Southern Gentleman called me on Turkey Day," she says all giddy with excitement.

I had heard the phone ring whilst at my parents but did not bother to see who it was. You know how it is when you try to speak to someone when at your parents' home. Mom is all ears trying to hear every word while pretending to watch HGTV. Dad comes through and his stumbling around in the background is audible ~ simply chaos and constant potential for disaster for this gyrl.

Later in the evening, I finally checked my mobile only to the missed call was indeed The Southern Gentleman. I am immediately intoxicated with happiness and listen to his voicemail. And it was quite the voicemail. He sounded a little tipsy. He apologized for being MIA for awhile, wished me a happy turkey day, he's had a few drinks tonight, he'd been out of pocket with his father, finally home, got my email, sounds like the birthday was rockin', his schedule is looking better for a December visit, he looks forward to speaking with me. I was jumping out of my skin! The Rubber Band effect is on its way back in!!

I did call him back when I got home. His voice lit up when I said hello. Again more apologies. I told him it was freezing here; in fact, I'd been making my little dog sleep with me. To which he replied, "Well how about I come out there and keep you warm." YIPPEE!! More jumping out of my skin!! He filled me in about what he's been doing. We spoke for 40 minutes. He said he'd call me on Saturday or Sunday. It could be next Sunday and I wouldn't care because the rubber band is coming back toward me; just like the book said it would happen.

Patience. That is all I need. Because once his mind is made up, The Southern Gentleman will move at high speed. I simply know it.

I found my notebook from readings with my beloved psychic. The man she always spoke of is The Southern Gentleman. The references fit ~ not because I am forcing the puzzle pieces ~ but because it actually makes sense now. The small references, things I never understood, make perfect sense now.

Should I be saying this out loud? When I am honest with myself, truly honest, about my feelings for this man all these years, I do not need a psychic or anyone else to tell me this man is the "one". My heart has always known it was him. And being that brutally honest with myself has been difficult. I live surrounded by a brick wall that protects my heart from further damage. But I have always wanted to share my heart with him and he with me. Being honest with myself was the first step. Once day, I will be honest with him too. The point is I look forward to being honest with him about my feelings ~ and I am a gyrl who never tells a man how I feel ~ but this time is different, so very different.

It is all there. It is merely a matter of time. I've waited for a very long time. I will have to learn to wait just a little longer.

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