13 November 2007

New Moon

Last night, I went to exercise class. Apologized to Red as soon as I saw her. I think she saw that I was still not feeling 100% and eventually warmed up.

Dinner with MJN. The food was delicious. He would not leave. Things got a little dicey when I rubbed my shoulder (totally unintentionally) because it was a little sore due to class and he jumped on that. He just happened to be a professionally trained masseuse. A married with kids masseuse. I did get a much needed deep tissue massage and I can totally feel my left side is stress free; however, he was a little too eager and did get a smidge too touchy... not a lot... but had I been receptive and encouraging of his little advances, the whole thing could have went very, very differently.

As it stood, the evening ended with my falling asleep on the couch. Nothing occurred as he is a married man and I would never go down that path because I would not want some woman to do that to me if it were my husband. Karma is a bitch, so I play nicely with her.

All I can figure is it must be the new moon that is causing random men to want to have a roll in the hay with me at any given moment ~ this is so not my normal life! It is bizarre. Thursday with Ol' Scuba boy, Friday the blind man, last night MJN... what is my world coming to?!?!

Returning from exercise class tonight, I stopped at the mailbox. Yippee! The heavens are smiling down upon me! The Southern Gentleman's card arrived ~ finally! But what the card contained ... well... that's for tomorrow....

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