02 November 2007

As promised...

Halloween. My Halloween. It was so much fun. Just one more reason why I love this place so damn much.

The festivities started at 8 PM for me and did not end until 4 AM - yes, that is what I call having a damn good time! Guess I don't turn into a pumpkin after the bell tolls midnight. However, yesterday I was basically a waste of space. But it was worth it.

Had to get over my self-consciousness about having exposed midriff. The liquidy goodness of potato juice helped immensely. Even though the weight is gone, those few years that I was carting around the extra 35 pounds is still there lingering in the body consciousness I feel. I need to start focusing on the 35 pounds that are gone from my body and less on the 5 pounds that remain.

The most amazing part of the evening is the fabulous circle of friends I have here. Everyone is so friendly and it warms the depths of my soul when someone is happy to see me! I have always craved, wished, hoped, desired to have a circle of friends like this - and !poof! my wish has become my reality. I look at the photos from the other night and seeing that smile on my face speaks such volumes. Positive. Volumes.

We danced the night away. My legs were sore yesterday! But had to burn off those luscious vodka calories somehow.

Borat. Dear Abby! I think the last time I randomly made out with some guy had to be in my early 20s. I have been trying to remember the last occurrence of such activity and I seriously think it was Mardi Gras when I was 23 years old. Yeah. Somehow along the way, Borat bought me a drink. Then Borat followed me around mercilessly. The girls and I started dancing. Borat crashed the party - one thing led to another - and Borat kissed me - then a little more - yeah. So I made out with Borat ! of all people! It was Halloween! A good time had by all!

Happy hour fun on the schedule for this evening. Yippee! $3 martinis - what more could a gyrl ask for!

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evilsciencechick said...

wow. sounds like a MUCH more exciting halloween than I had!

Borat, huh? ;)