17 November 2007

Thursday... lost

I wrote out Thursday's post but somehow 15 November 2007 did not stick to Blogger... here it is again... thank goodness I keep a copy in Word!


Worked really late last night. I am exhausted and honestly quite tired of staring into a computer screen. I spoke with a girlfriend of mine who lives in Dixie, so henceforth, she will be known as Dixie in blogland. Dixie inquired as how my beau (her exact words) was. When I informed her that I did not technically call The Southern Gentleman a beau quite yet, I did share with her that he has been rather scarce lately but did send me a birthday card. Dixie has an ability to succinctly size up any given situation and provide the associated, always dead-on advice on absolutely anything; and I mean anything. Dixie first asked if I had ever read Men are from Mars. In fact, I have not. Per the book, Dixie went on to expound that The Southern Gentleman is in rubber band mode. This stretching of the rubber band typically occurs after an intense event – cue our dreamy weekend together. Any chasing on my part during the rubber band stretching would be detrimental – cue why Montana Man’s way to catch a man was not working; damn good thing I ceased that operation. Then after The Southern Gentleman has stretched, he will come back and we will move on to the next level. So sayeth Dixie, therefore it shall be.

Stay tuned! Because if Dixie is right, and remember Dixie is always right, this could become very juicy!

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