04 November 2007

I walk for those...

This morning, a Sunday morning no less, when I should be sleeping in after a long weekend of partying like a rock star, I had myself up before the sun to participate in the Race for the Cure.

I have never participated in an event like this before. It wasn’t what I expected at all. With my impending birthday, I have found myself being introspective. I have a feeling this introspection will be found here throughout the month.

I signed up for the walk portion with some of my SxSW buddies. I had no idea that (a.) we had a team captain and (b.) our captain, in her early-to-mid thirties was a breast cancer survivor. I had met our captain before at a party but had no idea that she, only a few years older than me, had lived through this nightmare. This alone proves that you never know where this cancer will strike.

She is married but now she will not be able to have children. Her husband stood by her side through the entire time and he walked by her today. Makes me wonder how I could handle something so terrifying, facing life and death like that – not having a meaningful boyfriend, let alone a husband. There are too many women who go through events of this gravity alone – determination, will-to-live.

So while I sit here and whine about boys and the hiccups in my life, there is so much more out there. I am glad that today I did something that is good for the universe.

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