21 November 2007

Blah Wednesday

Nothing hot and spicy happened last night. In fact, happy hour was quite, well, I suppose "dead" would be the proper word.

Today has been snow central. My blood has thinned. I have the furnace cranked and am wearing a jacket inside. I have become such a wimp.

I just sent The Southern Gentleman an email. Thanked him for the birthday card. We'll see what our Southern Rubber Band Man is up to.

Montana Man got on my very last nerve today. My patience is wearing thin with him. I look forward to the day when the books are relatively balanced and I can be free of him. Once. And. For. All. His resistance has been so draining on me. I am tired of his shite. So. Tired. I guess that comes with seeing clearly through all his smoke and mirrors. At least I can see through now.

Woo hoo! I get to sleep in tomorrow! I think that calls for a quiet evening of catching up on Pushing Daisies online and a bit of knitting as Christmas is winging its way toward us.

1 comment:

Colleen said...

ya know sugar, I can't realllllly say much re MM, but from what i know, based on what you've said here, i gotsta tell ya, he's not for you. He's got some issues of his own, and he's got an agenda, that you may or may not know about. from what i know, which admittedly isn't much, he's not worth it. You've got bigger plans/bigger things in front of you. dude,... seriously....its all about you comin' up. you're just not prepared for it yet! ;)