25 November 2007

Sunday Phone Call

True to his word, The Southern Gentleman did call me this evening.

Honestly based on his rubber band behavior, I was prepared for him not to call (while we all know I was secretly hoping and praying he would). We spoke for 22 minutes. He filled me in on his weekend and things on his list for the coming week. He asked about some of my statements from my e-mail relating to things I am currently facing ~ cha-cha-changes a la work related.

He said he was hung over today after his fun Saturday. The fact that he likes to have fun, live life is very important to me; however, equally important is that he believes work is important and actually does it too.

Today, the Southern Gentleman sounded like his old self, the same man who used to call me every Sunday like clock work. Hearing that familiar tone made me very happy and also provided me the reassurance I needed that I am not simply making all this up. A la Stuart Smally: He does dig me ~ honestly and truly.

Besides, to ease things in my over analyzing mind, the proverbial 34 is rapidly approaching. I am excited to see what happens when the chime finally rings in early February. Will the tides begin to turn as others have spoken about? A little over 2 months away, I can learn to be patient ~ after all the finish line is so close now ~ finally.

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