14 November 2007

One Word Wednesday

Snaked from Colleen... because I am uninspired today...

The Day: quick
Your Last Meal: fattening
What You Just Heard: barking
You Can’t Live Without: pups
What You Wish You Could Be: calmer
Your Bed: heaven
Currently Feeling: drained
Word You Hate: indifference
Afraid Of: snakes
Subject You Loved In High School: science
Your Toothpaste: Crest
Unfinished Project: bathroom
Your Hands: Bony
Your Co-Workers: relics
What You Like For Breakfast: mimosas
Who Annoys You: Boobie II
Most Recent Purchase: contacts
Wishing For: love
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: pistachio
Unsure Of: timing
Last Person You Talked To On the Phone: Mums
How You Relax: bath
Your Shirt: brownish-beige
Where You Were Last Night: home
Where You Will Be Tomorrow: tea

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