11 November 2007

Sunday ~ thinking and resting

Sunday already. This weekend has flown by. I am officially ready for my break next weekend.

The mail man was a huge disappointment for me yesterday. The Southern Gentleman's card was not in my mailbox. And tomorrow ~ Monday ~ oh yeah, a fucking holiday! Yet another day I must wait before I find his card in my box.

Lately though, I have found myself wondering about whether or not I should move. Do I give The Southern Gentleman a little more time or do I go on ahead with my plans to head southeast to SxSWland? Do I seriously alter the landscape of the universe, my universe if I jump in, with both feet, by moving to SxSW? Do I change the future or am I merely (and unknowingly) following my destiny?

The Super Fly Palm woman has made me really think about this move. You see, she was pretty convinced the Mystery Meat dwells just north of my Mile High home, in The Republic. But yet The Republic and SxSWland are always compared to being very similar to each other. I was shocked by some of the things Super Fly was telling me. I point blank asked her if I was moving to SxSWland and she told me "No, why would you move there when he is in The Republic."

However, several of the things she described about the Republic Mystery Meat, occurred when The Southern Gentleman came to see me. Welcome to quandary time!

I will keep going as I see fit. I cannot dictate my life by the words Super Fly shared with me. But y'all, this is so much more complicated than I feel like getting into right now. The Southern Gentleman's visit ~ from six weeks ago ~ still has me in somewhat of a tailspin. I.... I... I think, I feel, within the depths of my soul, that The Southern Gentleman is the man that Super Fly described (even though the geography got her confused), also that my first palmist described.

I don't know. Life is never easy, at least not mine. I am sure I will delve into The Southern Gentleman some more as the month progresses. Because he has been on my brain. Off to see a movie and enjoy the devil popcorn! ta ta

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