26 November 2006

Palm Sunday

Cuz and I got our palms read in January. At that reading, the Palmist asked me who the two little kids were that I was sitting on the carpet playing with regularly. I knew no children. Two week later I met MM - hence the two small children I would play.

I decided to go see the Palmist again. Today was the day. Cuz and the baby came. Of course, the baby was hungry and the Palmist was running behind, so Cuz went to car and did not get read.

Right off the bat, Palmist speaks of the car - the grey car - and the stopping motion of my discovery of the ease with which it can switch from automation to manual transmission. She had a difficult time beginning because I was giving off such an intense energy - the tingling of the intense emotion that has become a part of my life of late.

Two areas of focus - job and men.

As for job, looks like my new job will become a reality. She feels it will be about two weeks until I hear anything. Palmist spoke of my friend on the inside and the man she reports to. That I will go in sideways - not directly - which is how the entire process has been. The job isn't going to be perfect but I will get out of it what I want. Sometimes it will entail doing the work of two people - a given at the company. Woo hoo - new job!

Men. MM came across loud and clear and she said that he is not "the one." In fact, need to get him out of my life. She asked if there were two men in my life right now - that would be a big no - then she asked if he had a split personality - Bingo, Mr. mild Bi-polar-leaning-toward-depression. She said that he said a lot of hurtful thing to me - Yes. I have been crying a lot, all the time a lot - Yes. For about three months - Yes. She nailed what MM looked like.

Three significant relationships - the Leech (a la ex), MM, and mystery man #3 looming on the horizon. Of course the horizon is a loooong way off - 2 years away - I'll be 34. Back in January, she said I'd met Mr. Right within 1.5 years, possibly married within that time. Who knows?!

But she was pretty positive about the 2 years, about 34 years old. And he will be dark haired and similar in appearance to MM. Instant attraction - had that with MM. Mr. Mysteriouso will just slide into my life.

The depression came up. Great news, my depression lines run deep! Fucking wonderful. But the ugliest is behind me.

I have three stars on my right hand - present and future hand - a star each for my talent, work, communication. Things are supposed to calm down - stress won't go away completely - but will be a lot calmer than it is now. She emphasized that the shit going on now is temporary.

She told me that I need to get out there - to make a point of going out and looking around. Only with the caveat that in my depressed state, I will probably attract men in the same mental state.

My independence line is strong - well yeah.

I was told to finish the book as well. And I do need to get to that - maybe it won't be as draining as the depression lessens.

That's all I can remember. For $25, I was delighted.

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