06 November 2006

Saturday and Sunday all wrapped up into one

Being a tour guide is a tough racket - we were all over the state for two days and I was so exhausted I promptly put myself to bed last night at 10 PM because could. not. keep. eyes. open. any. longer.

We were all over the state - up and down I-25 like the crazy people we are. But I think he had a nice time - at a minimum, he took a million photos.

Wine tasting on Friday night... hmmm. Well, I didn't find the people I was supposed to meet. So started tossing back vino on my own. The theme was South African wines. Overall, quite disappointed. I wouldn't buy any of them. I know better wines come out of SA than the cat piss he was serving. A few glasses into it, I spotted the event organizer but was too damn lazy to go over and join the peeps. I know, I know... that's not what I was supposed to do. But oh well.

Overall, drank way too much on Friday night. Found the Wild Turkey Honey liquor at the new Booze land. The 21-year old neighbor came over for a bit - hence indulging in the Wild Turkey madness. Did some drunken texting - but never received a response. Oh well!

Requirements gather I go! Monday madness continues!!

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