10 November 2006

My Hero is a Needle

Yesterday I went to my first acupuncture treatment. I was apprehensive - I mean, what can a few little needle piercing my flesh do? Other than hurt and possibly make me bleed a bit.

After a discussion of my problems, I was on my back on the bed table and the acupuncturist commenced to poking me. The fluffy bed and pillows could have been a scrumptious setting for a great sex session.

I only felt one of the needles go in. I felt tingling on my left side - particularly my left ankle and just below my rib cage on the left. I felt a slight headache come on with the three needles sticking out from the top of my head.

Overall, quite surreal. I felt so relaxed and continue to feel as such. I slept wonderfully last night - I have not slept like that in months. I don't feel like crying. In fact, my eyes feel quite dry this morning. The profound sadness I have carried around feels so much lighter. The calmness feels great. Peace.

My second session is Tuesday. To continue this feeling of serenity, I will happily go weekly for awhile. Healing is so amazing.


c said...

found you through NaBloPoMo, and blogline'd you. Am enjoying reading you...

question: if it's not too personal, what made you go in for acupuncture? what were the problems/symptoms you described? i had my first treatment last week and didn't get the same euphoria you felt (tho i wish i had) and am wondering if i need to go again and if maybe we have similar reasons.... just wondering. :)

Wanderlust said...
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Wanderlust said...

colleen - i sought acupuncture to treat my depression. medication did not work so well and the side effects! oh the side effects!!

figured i would try this instead. here's hoping this works!

c said...

see, i'm feeling more or less the same way. i don't know if i'd classify it as depression per say, but i'm just... eh. i kinda don't care at the moment... i asked about energy and got needles in the 5 main energy points (forehead for the calming point) two in the hands, two in the feet and two just below my knees.... i felt better the next day but no jumping up and down. i wonder if i'm just not explaining it to the practitioner properly.....