27 November 2006

Money, Money, Money, Money

Today was all about spending cash. The credit cards got a fair workout; however, most purchases were made right here from the coffee table.

First order of business was to get the items from last night's adventure. Much to my disappointment, the two items - a curio cabinet and the coffee table - are on back order. Urgh! I. WANT. IT. NOW. INSTANT. GRATIFICATION. NOW! Alas, I will be waiting, hoping, and praying that the items arrive by mid-December. May the shipping gods have mercy on my desire to finish up the house. I am so over my college coffee table already.

Then I ordered my new boots on-line. The pointy ones are coming in black, the longer sleek pair in double espresso. I cannot wait for them to arrive. Sizing offered zero guidance. The gal said they fit "true to size" but what does that mean to the girl who takes a 7 1/2 or 8. Cuz ordered a pair of shoes from them last year in a 7 and they were a little small. Waiting, hoping, praying that the 7 1/2s fit.

The other on-line purchase was flowers for my southern pal who is recovering from a hysterectomy. The delivery charge was outrageous! 12 bucks! Shipping on the boots was 10 quid!

Tomorrow is another cash outlay day - I have my acupuncture treatment in the afternoon. I have been feeling the effects waning, so I am truly looking forward to recharging my ancient Chinese secrets. Also tomorrow night is my last knitting class. Must knit like a mad woman tonight to get the thing near to done stage.

The Doxie has her first appointment for a bath and cut with a groomer. This should be an adventure - the doxie is terrified of the vacuum and the little clipper I use to shave her bum - doxie will = basket case. But she will be all clean and pretty for her Sunday photo shoot with Santa.
<--- This is the doxie before photo

I had zero motivation today. I got up early to hit the gym with Neighbor. Tomorrow is busy so no painting will get done. But Wednesday is another story - want painting done.

Hopefully I will have some fun stories tomorrow as today was a dull one.

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