11 November 2006

Revenge of the Wallpaper

Today's mini-project - remove the wallpaper border in the kitchen.

Armed with my mixture of water and fabric softener, I thought it would be a slam dunk. Easier than the easy removal of the family room. So much for those thoughts. It has been an absolute bitch getting it off. I have given up for the evening and so far the wallpaper is winning - damn!

Tomorrow the wallpaper border will be but a memory. I will defeat it. It will be a sneak attack after the gym!

Oh yeah - I was at the gym by 9 am this morning. Why? Because I slept excellently again last night; waking at 6:50 AM bright eyed and bushy tailed. Thank you very much acupuncture!

Another day of no tears. A few times I felt sad but no tears came flowing out of my ocular region. It is such a different state of being and I am liking it.

I am heading to trivia tonight with some friends as part of my birthday celebration. Not quite my idea of birthday fun but it will still be fun. Hopefully I will have a few tales to tell in the morning.

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