10 November 2006

No More Tears Formula

Tonight I saw Borat. It was great fun. The theatre was empty - maybe ten of us total. Would have been more fun if there had been more people to laugh with me.

The laundry from the past month and a half is done. One of the joys of working from home is the fact that I can get the laundry done during the day.

Today has been odd - absolutely no tears. It feels as if all my tears have simply dried up. Things that I would have normally cried at - absolutely nothing today. My eyes feel dry - I can't quite explain it. After months of tears - poof! - today none. It is odd but I am not complaining.

Tomorrow is birthday lunch down in Cherry Creek. There is also a psychic fair. I may go - there is a palm reader I have wanted to see. I haven't quite made up my mind as to whether to go. I will sleep on it.

I also plan on painting this weekend. Finish up the few rooms I have left. Start hanging things. Further re-arrange furniture. I really want to concentrate on finishing up my projects.

MM did not call today. I sent a text message letting him know I was not ignoring him when he pinged - that I was at the acupuncturist. I felt that I needed to do that.

I am tired. It has been a long week. I am planning on hitting the gym in the morning. Burn off those final pounds. I am in the home stretch and must make it to the finish line.

Long live Wild Turkey American Honey!

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