03 November 2006

Friday Blahs

A lot of time spent on the phone for work today. Somehow the nothing of it all makes one quite tired.

I have been waking up at 5 AM. Next week I start harnessing that by going to the gym! Tah-dah - burn those last five pounds off my bum! I will be hott for Christmas. My body is so close to being able to fit in all my clothes again - clothes, glorious clothes - that fit.

The natives are getting restless around here - feedings on a schedule are not agreeing with the hound girls. I just finished getting an earful from the skinny one who gets first dibbs on the chow.

I have a house guest coming for the weekend. Need to finish up the quick clean. I have our tour route figured out - so that right there was half the battle. Must go clean the shower though, change table linens, and do a quick dust.

Tonight I am heading to a wine tasting. Be friendly, meet new people.

Hopefully there will be good stories to tell from tonight and throughout the weekend as tour guide extraordinaire!


Jenny said...

Ohhh I just dropped in from NaBloPoMo ... tell us about the wines and recommend some good ones!

Teena said...

Gord and I went to a wine tasting last month. We had too many samples (ha!) but we had a good time :)