15 November 2006

The Sun is peeking out from behind the clouds

I am feeling so over the moon about this acupuncture stuff! Feeling great does not even begin to explain it! I feel so much like my old normal self - it is GRAND! GRAND! GRAND! I will be interested to see how long the effects last. Had I known it would be this spectacular, I'd have signed up to be a human pin cushion a long time ago!

I had to tell Cactus Gyrl and New Mom about my great comeback experience at Kool Ass Grill last night. He hasn't called or emailed though. But the experience was good enough for now.

Of course MM gives me a jingle this morning. I had to fight hard not to tell him about my experience. Some days ignorance is bliss where certain topics are concerned. But MM must have felt the great need to talk because he called several times and the conversations weren't short ones.

I am heading to the gym tonight. Need to work off those few cosmo calories. May even put on a splash of mascara. Just because.

Definitely hitting Kool Ass Grill again before knitting class next week. Am also seeing the helpfulness of getting my own ass out of the house and out of the burbs. I like the thought of stumbling onto other movers and shakers. I want - no - I need to cultivate greener pastures. And the only way that is going to happen is if I get out there and do it myself.

Woo Hoo!!

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